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About Us

Rob’s Rod Shop was founded in 2004 as a part time hobby business.  Our primary service was to assist vehicle owners with restoration or modification of their muscle car era vehicles.

Today we are a full-time traditional speed shop. We have both a brick and mortar storefront with shop area, as well as our webstore.   

Our focus is on upgrading 1960’s & 1970’s muscle cars, and 1980’s through early 1990’s domestic performance cars and trucks while retaining their original character.  We provide both parts and service on suspension, brakes, ignition, wiring, fuel systems, engine, transmission, and axles.   

Ask us about available upholstery services.

Rob’s Rod Shop specializes in cars of the former Chrysler Corporation.  Muscle car era GM, Ford, and AMC products are welcomed as well.

  •  Rob’s Rod Shop is a member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA).

  •  Rob’s Rod Shop supports Maple Grove Raceway's Money Trail race series. More Info

  •  Rob’s Rod Shop was featured in the April-May 2013 issue of Cruising Magazine. More Info

About The Owner

Rob McCall is a life long Mopar guy. His first car ride was in his parents ’71 Dodge Demon shortly after he was born.

In 1998 he teamed up with author Frank Adkins to do the illustrations for the 1999 publication "The Hot Rodders Do-It-Yourself Guide to: Chrysler Performance Upgrades" published by CarTech books as part of their S-A Design Series.  In 2000 he teamed up with Frank again to do the illustrations for the 2001 "How To Build High Performance Chrysler Engines." Please see the Tech section of this website for details.

Rob and his wife Erin’s personal vehicles have placed in the top three in their respective classes multiple times at the Chryslers At Carlisle/Carlisle All Chrysler Nationals shows.

Rob and Erin are active members in the Delaware Valley Mopar Association, having been members since 1995.  Rob has held several officer positions within the club, and has been president since 2002.

Rob is a member of the East Coast Timing Association, last competing in 2007.  Rob is active in the Grassroots Motorsports Magazine forums, and has assisted Team PACC (the Nelson family) with two of their Grassroots Motorsports $20xx Challenge cars.

Rob’s ’68 Barracuda was selected as the Internet Hot Rod of the Month for Grassroots Motorsports 25th Anniversary Issue, December 2009.

Rob’s Rod Shop
131 Wallace Ave #5
Downingtown, PA 19335


Email: Sales@RobsRodShop.com